Dedication to Laddy Girl

The loss of a family pet is devastating.  It’s hard to imaging life without our furry companions.  This is a story of my best friend Laddy Girl.

Years ago I attended a funeral of a friend that had passed away from cancer.  My friend was young and her passing left me feeling lost, sad and unsure.  After her funeral I had gone over to a friend’s place to visit.

During this visit we had gone out to the back yard to get some air and talk.  My friend’s dog had fathered 3 pups.  They were Border Collies cross- two big males and one runt.  My friend wasn’t sure the sex of the runt as it was so small to tell.  The dogs were 7 weeks old.

As we’re standing in the yard talking the little runt kept on getting out of the dog run by squeezing under the fence.  This happened a few times, she’d get out and come over to me.  The runt was so tiny and tough- determined to get out of that dog run.

After the visit I went to my vehicle to leave.  That little runt got out of the dog run again and headed for my car.  That runt sat there looking at me.

The runt was coming home with me.   My friend got a box and the runt’s pink towel that the dog dragged around and slept with.

On the drive home the runt sat in the front seat in the box with the pink towel.  The runt stared at me but felt comfortable enough to eventually fall sleep.  The dog had picked me and there was no going back.

I needed this pup as much as she needed me.

When I got to my parent’s house to pick up my daughter, I brought the box in.  My daughter was 5 at the time and was ecstatic that we now had a dog.  The runt took to her immediately.

We decided to name the dog Laddy.  In the next couple of days it was evident that Laddy was a girl.  She was then dubbed Laddy Girl.

As Laddy Girl grew it amazed me how she needed very little training.  She had one accident in the house.  She got along with other dogs, kids and adults that came to the house.   We had two elderly cats at home that she got along with.

We had a fenced in back yard.  I always knew when the kids were in the back yard and if Laddy Girl barked it meant someone was near the fence or at the gate.  She loved being outside with the kids and whatever they played Laddy enjoyed.

Laddy Girl went everywhere with us.  Walks, car rides, visiting, she was a huge part of our family.

One Saturday I had taken my daughter to a pottery class and we had stopped for Slurpees. While we were sitting in our vehicle in the parking lot – a man tried to open my daughter’s door.  Laddy went into full beast mode and the man took off.

A few years later we moved to a small town in Ontario for my work.  One night an intoxicated man tried to kick in our door.  Laddy met this guy head on – no fear.  For all her 35 pounds – I have never seen a dog turn into a such a protective beast mode.  She scared him off.

Our little furry runt had grown into a protective guard dog that would give her life to protect her family.

In 2014 our Laddy girl being 15 years old had started to slow down.  Her eyes had clouded over, her legs didn’t run like the wind anymore because of arthritis.  Her beautiful face – now peppered with gray and her loving brown eyes looked for her family as she was forgetful and fully deaf.

At times she would look at me as if a memory had crossed her mind.  Her tail would gently wag.  Was this a memory of playing in the yard when the kids were young?  Or a memory of running through the field on a sunny day?

August 18, 2014 I lost my best friend.  I sat with her to the end and held her close.  I told her she was going to be fine because she is a good girl.  I told her we would never forget her because she is our best girl.  As I held her in my arms – I felt her leave and said goodbye for the last time.

We will never forget our Laddy Girl.  She is always with us and still a part of our family.

When I decided to develop an online business for dog supplies – I knew that she had to be a part of it.

Thank you Laddy Girl for your love, protection and loyalty.

You will never be forgotten.  Laddy Girl smiling.

You will always be missed.

You will always be loved.

   Love – your family

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