Things You Need for a Dog: A Basic Checklist

Smiling dog.

When shopping for things you need for your dog there are decisions to be made. Supplies you buy for your dog will depend on her size, age and temperament. The better prepared you are for your dog the more enjoyable and predictable the experience will be for both dog and owner. I want to go … Read more

Dog Collars and Harnesses: Things to Consider

Dogs with harnesses.

A dog who gets plenty of exercise is a well-behaved dog. When shopping for dog collars and harnesses people have asked me which they should purchase to walk thier dog. For our dogs there are times when I use a collar and times when I use a harness. We’ll discuss this further. When shopping for … Read more

When You Shop for Dog Supplies: Things to Consider

Two dogs smiling.

When shopping for dog supplies there can be a lot of confusion as to what products are suitable for our furry friends. Quite often while shopping for dog supplies – dog owners will purchase products that are unsuitable for their dogs. In my years of caring for dogs I have come across many quick fix … Read more