How to Care for an Elderly Dog

Elderly dog sitting in a car smiling.

It happens fast. One day she is a young puppy causing havoc in your home running around and looking oh so cute. Then one day you see a few grey hairs on her muzzle and realize that your friend is getting on in her years. Aging is a normal part of life. Caring for an … Read more

Best Dog DNA Test Kits- A Review

Woman holding mutt looking dog.

So you want to know what breed or breed mix your dog is? Dog DNA tests are becoming more popular. In this post we will look at the highest rated and most trusted – best dog DNA test kits. Why Test Your dog’s DNA? The results of your dog’s DNA test can assist in planning … Read more

How to Stop a Dog from Chewing on Things

I’ve cared for dogs that never chew. I’ve cared for dogs that will chew whatever they can get their paws on the minute you turn your back. I always say there is no such thing as a ‘bad dog’. When a dog chews- there is a reason for this behavior. The trick is to find … Read more

The PetSafe Easy Walk Harness Review: Which Harness is Most Suitable for Your Dog?

Large dog pulling on leash.

In my posts I have mentioned the PetSafe Easy Walk Harness which I rave about. I tried many harnesses and the PetSafe Easy Walk Harness is by far the most effective harness – especially if you are training a big, hard to manage dog. I like this harness because it has the martingale loop at … Read more

How to Socialize a Reactive Dog

A reactive dog will overreact in certain situations. Reactivity in a dog can be caused by lack of training, past abuse or lack of socialization. Usually it is fear that causes a dog to be reactive. Reactivity in a dog can be confused with aggression and some behaviors of both overlap. So before we look … Read more

How to Relieve Separation Anxiety in Dogs

A sad looking Pug dog that has chewed shoes.

Many dogs struggle with separation anxiety for different reasons. Separation anxiety in dogs is a behavioral issue. In this post we’ll discuss what separation anxiety looks like and strategies to help relieve symptoms. Why Do Dogs Develop Separation Anxiety A dog can develop separation anxiety from boredom – not enough mental stimulation. Separation anxiety can … Read more

Why Dogs Bite and How to Stop It

Dog growling and showing teeth.

A common question I often hear from people is “How do I stop my dog from biting?” Before we look at how to stop a dog from biting- let’s look at why dogs bite. Why Dogs Bite Dogs bite for numerous reasons. A dog will bite if she feels threatened in some way. She may … Read more

Dedication to Laddy Girl

Laddy Girl puppy with her bone.

The loss of a family pet is devastating.  It’s hard to imaging life without our furry companions.  This is a story of my best friend Laddy Girl. Years ago I attended a funeral of a friend that had passed away from cancer.  My friend was young and her passing left me feeling lost, sad and … Read more

Basic Dog Training Tips

Woman training dog with treats.

Today I would like to discuss some basic dog training tips. These are suggestions that I have found to be helpful while training my dogs. We’ll cover the basics today. We’ll further discuss training in more detail in future posts. While we are on the subject of basic dog training tips – I would like … Read more

Correcting Aggressive Dog Behavior: Strategies

Angry dog barking and showing teeth.

I remember when I first brought Archer home from the rescue. He was very reactive on the leash, in the yard and in our vehicles. Basically he was anxious and reactive most of the time. When correcting aggressive dog behavior there are strategies that I have used and found effective in training dogs. We won’t … Read more